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The College Scholars Program is an interdisciplinary honors program in the College of Arts and Sciences. Our program exists solely for highly motivated and academically talented students who have clear goals for their undergraduate education, and who cannot attain those goals within the traditional requirements structure of the College.

The goals of this web site are to provide prospective applicants with information about the College Scholars Program, to share good news about the program with alumni and friends, and to provide useful information and documents for Scholars who may be temporarily unable to connect with the private electronic community that serves the current group of Scholars.

Student Spotlight

Courtney WomblesCourtney Wombles is a senior in the College Scholars Program pursuing a program of study entitled “Biomedical Visualization and Health Literacy.” Accompanied by a Biological Sciences minor, Courtney’s program focuses on the intersections between science and medicine, art and design, and health information and education. By focusing the majority of her coursework in the University of Tennessee’s Biological Sciences department and the School of Art, Courtney studies how art can used as a tool for communicating scientific information.

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