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Hannah Lustig

Title of Program: Book, Magazine, and Electronic Publishing

E-mail Address:

Hometown: Germantown, TN

Year: Sophomore

Anticipated Graduation Date: Spring 2016

Description of Program: The curriculum I have designed comes in three parts: book, magazine, and electronic publishing. These, however, entail not only the editing of content, but also the design, legal, and business elements of a dynamic industry. While including a foundational knowledge of literature throughout the ages, this program emphasizes contemporary and modern styles of composition and publication. Furthermore, it underscores editing and the layout process, rather than merely writing itself. As opposed to studying the art of constructing powerful works of fiction or nonfiction alone, this course places greater attention on what happens after piece is complete. While the majority of this curriculum is writing-heavy, the classes themselves are targeted toward the criticism, selection, and production of professional publications. In essence, the goal of this course is to engender a familiarity with quality work, the editorial process, the technologies of layout design, and the legal implications of a career as a literary agent, newspaper or magazine editor, or publishing house employee.

Departmental Emphases: English, Journalism, Information Science

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Hendrickson, Journalism

Plans after graduation (career, graduate/professional school, etc.): As of now, I am vacillating between a number of potential paths. Ideally, I would like to intern and secure a job with a publishing house or major publication doing either journalistic writing or editorial work. A second possibility is continuing my studies in a Publishing graduate program, such as those at Columbia or Radcliffe. A third and final option would be law school, where my interest in writing would no doubt serve me well.

Other Academic Interests: I am very interested in politics and public policy. Non-profit, environmental, and copyright law particularly intrigue me. I am also very passionate about women's issues and feminist activism. Additionally, though I do not profess to have an extensive knowledge of it, art and theatre hold a special place in my heart.

Study Abroad: None, yet. Hopefully I will go to the UK my sophomore or junior year.

Research Experiences or Internships: Coming soon?

Part-time employment; Hobbies; Campus Clubs/Activities: Summer tutor for children with speech impediments, Member of the Women's Coordinating Council (a Central Programs Committee devoted to bringing events to campus with a feminist perspective), Staff writer for The Tangerine student newspaper, Staff writer for The Daily Beacon

Additional Information: Some other interests include: traveling, hiking, coconut-flavored things, and Miyazaki films!

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