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Sarah Troyer

Title of Program: Forensic Chemistry

E-mail Address:

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Year: Senior                       

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2020

Description of Program: My program studies the field of forensic science with a concentration in chemistry. By combining social science, chemistry, and biology, my program emphasizes the use of chemistry in a legal setting and the application of scientific techniques to crime scenes investigations.

Departmental Emphases: Chemistry, BCMB, Anthropology, Sociology, and Psychology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bhavya Sharma, Chemistry

Plans after graduation (career, graduate/professional school, etc.): After graduation, I plan to continue my education by pursuing graduate school. Currently, I am looking at graduate schools with dual PhD and MD programs. After graduate school, I plan to pursue a career either as a forensic pathologist if I go to medical school or a career with law enforcement or government agencies. Either way, I plan to work in the field of forensic science.

Other Academic Interests: Neuroscience

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