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Clarice Phillips

Title of Program: Themed Entertainment Design

E-mail Address:

Hometown: Murfreesboro, TN

Year: Freshman

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2018

Description of Program: Themed Entertainment Design is a relatively new field of study.  The classes focus on varied elements of themed entertainment design; including drawing and painting courses, theatre production courses, computer aided design courses, and basic architecture and interior design.  In these are supportive courses in color theory, graphic design, and world history.

Departmental Emphases:  Art and Theatre Production

Faculty Mentor: Chris Pickart, Theatre

Plans after graduation (career, graduate/professional school, etc.): Theme park design production and graduate school.

Other Academic Interests: Architecture, Engineering, Religious Studies

Study Abroad: None

Part-time employment; Hobbies; Campus Clubs/Activities: Drawing, painting, running.

Clubs: Visual Arts Committee, Volapalooza Committee, BCM, hiking

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