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Rawan Kuvly

Title of Program: Fashion ICON Education and Creative Entrepreneurship

E-mail Address:

Hometown: Nashville, TN  

Year: Junior                          

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2021

Description of Program: I designed my program to teach me the necessary skills required to be able to operate my own business and be the fashion designer of my own brand.
“Fashion ICON Education” was formed to teach me about how much of an influence fashion has on the world these days and how I can use the influence to promote a positive message throughout the people.
The true goal of this program is to learn how to create. I am taking courses that help me pursue my goal of not just being able to evaluate or apply something, but to creating something new in whatever I decide to get into in my future. As an entrepreneur, I enjoy being able provide an influence in more than just one field.
I am someone who uses themselves as the tool to advance in any field of my desire. I use the knowledge that I have amassed to put myself into my work and create something new. That is what I like to call “Creative Entrepreneurship”.
For whatever field I decide to take part in and, I will be successful. I invest into myself and others to exploit the powers and talents that we as humans hold.

Departmental Emphases:Retail Consumer Science, Art, Design, Business, Sociology, Psychology, Marketing, Advertising

Faculty Mentor:Joshua Bienko

Plans after graduation (career, graduate/professional school, etc.): I will be the designer and owner of my own iconic fashion brand before graduation. I will be working on multiple different projects such as; my first book, acting, directing, YouTube, Instagram, music and much more. All my actions are in the act to galvanize others into loving life and truly enjoying who they are.

Other Academic Interests: Writing, Videography, Photography, Music, Art, Fashion, Poetry, Philosophy

Part-time employment; Hobbies; Campus Clubs/Activities:
Clubs: People Of Style and Education, Alpha Kappa Psi, Muslim Student Association, Diverse Organization of Business Students, Student Alumni Associates
Hobbies: Fashion, Photography, Videography, Art, Poetry, Music, Making a Difference, Self-Development, and Inspiring others into believing in themselves.

Additional Information: I will have what I want. My determination and work ethic are unmatched. My passion burns as an endless fire inside of me. I will LIVE my life, and not merely survive as another person existing in this world. I am here to bring forth a new coming. I will never settle for less. As long as there is a chance for my dream to be brought into fruition, I will never give up. It is who I am and I will inspire the world into awaking the power within each individual. We only have this life and I will make sure that people understand that they already possess the tools necessary to pursue their dreams. I will show the world that regardless of any circumstance, everyone has the power inside of them to be happy and successful.

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