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Hoor Temuri

Title of Program: Disease Prevention and Health Promotion through Community-based Programs with Spanish-speaking Fluency

E-mail Address:       

Hometown: Toronto, Canada; Brentwood, TN; Karachi, Pakistan

Year: Sophomore

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2019

Description of Program: This program is designed to emphasize disease prevention and promote healthy lifestyles by modifying risk behaviors. There are three intersectional components that tie into this Public Health program: Communication, Biology, and Spanish. A strong communication aspect focuses on understanding health behaviors and effectively establishing rapport with individuals. A Biological component seeks to understand disease pathology to better understand the impact of disease. The Spanish component helps develop and maintain a strong proficiency in the language, which ties into the communication aspect of the program. As a result, this preventive approach would achieve better healthcare outcomes within the community.

Departmental Emphases: Public Health, Spanish, Biology, Sociology

Faculty Mentor: Kathleen Brown PhD, MPH

Plans after graduation (career, graduate/professional school, etc.): After graduating, I plan on attending medical school as well as completing my masters of Public Health.

Other Academic Interests:  Business Management, Cultural Anthropology, Psychology

Prior Enrollment at Other Colleges or Universities: None

Study Abroad: I plan on Studying abroad during the summer of 2016 to a Latin American Country so that I can strengthen my spanish-speaking abilities, learn the culture and gain an understanding of the public health system/infrastructure of that region.

Research Experiences or Internships: Currently, I am part of a research group at Johns Hopkins University looking at Global Public Health applications of Dried Blood Spots. Freshman year, I did a poster presentation on “How Increasing Competition of Residency Positions in the U.S. Affects ECFMG-certified IMG Doctors: A Qualitative Study.” Prior to attending UTK, I did an internship with the American Red Cross as a youth program service intern where I managed youth leaders of their respective highschools/colleges in the Greater New York region.

Part-time employment; Hobbies; Campus Clubs/Activities:   Tutor for the Student Success Center, Vice President of Diverse Organization of Business Students, Member of Latin American Student Association, Muslim Student Association and American Medical Student Association, Asian American Association, and African Student Association. In my free time, I participate in intercultural and social justice community events. I also enjoy trying different foods with my friends, considering they are pescatarian friendly.

Additional Information: I’ve lived in multiple cities including Chicago, IL; Brooklyn, NY; Toronto, Canada; Brentwood, TN; Dubai, UAE; Mississauga, Canada, Mount Pleasant, SC; Alpharetta, GA. Growing up in Canada, I can speak French on an elementary level. I’m fluent in my native tongue, Urdu, and I’ve been told that my Spanish is great!

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